Course grid

Course grid Module #

Since version [1.1.0] there is a convenient Divi Builder Module called Divi LearnDash course grid
Open Enable Divi Builder and if you have Divi and LearnDash installed you will find “Divi LearnDash Course Grid”

Course grid module settings #

The settings are shown on the images bellow:

Course grid shortcode #

Since version [1.0.0] course grid is displayed trought shortcode and many customizations are posible with the theme customizer

How to customize the course grid #

To customize the course grid colors and fonts, please go to your Dashboard > Theme Customizer > General Settings > Divi LearnDash Course Grid . You will see all the options for visual customization there.

How to customize course grid meta data #

The 3 fields for meta data that you see on the demo are completely customizable. You can choose what to display there for each individual course. To do that go to LearnDash LMS > Courses and click on a course to edit. Then, on the course back end page scroll down and you will see a field at the bottom “Divi Learndash Theme Course Meta”. Click on the expandable arrow ▼ and you will see the 3 fields where you can enter your own personalized course meta. You can do that with each course. If you leave those fields empty, nothing will show on the course grid.

How to customize the course grid button #

The course grid button follows the main theme button styles. To change them go to Theme Customizer > Buttons and change your global button styles. This will affect the buttons in the course grid as well.

How to include and exclude element from the course grid #

By defaulf, the course grid shortcode shows everything (if information entered) and looks like this: [divi_ld_course_grid]

If you want to display certain specific things only, you have the following options:
– show courses from a specific category – you can display courses by a specific category, by a category ID
– choose the number of courses to show – this part of the shortcode allows you to enter a specific number of courses to be shown on the grid (the default number is 12. If you want to display all courses, use -1)
– you can hide the price tag
– you can hide the FREE tag
– you can hide the author

Example: this shortcode shows only category with id 34 , 6 courses, dont show author, don’t show price tag and don’t show free tag
[divi_ld_course_grid category="34" per_page="6" hide_author="yes" hide_price_tag="yes" hide_free_tag="yes"]

If you don’t want to display course meta and course short description, just leave the fields for those blank on the course admin page.

For more information on how to display a course category, see below.

How to display the course grid anywhere #

The course grid is a shortcode that you can copy and paste wherever you want with the Divi Code or Text module.

The shortcode for all courses looks like this:

How to display the course grid for a specific category #

If you would like to display courses from a specific category on the grid add this shortcode:

[divi_ld_course_grid category="3"] – on the place of 3, add the ID number of the category you would like to display.
To see what the ID number of your chosen category is, go to Admin Panel > LearnDash LMS > Courses . Then on the top left side of your screen click on Actions > Course categories. Then Hover over your desired category and you will see a line of code at the very bottom of the page, where you can find the category ID number.

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