Plugin settings

Plugin settings are located in: #

Dashboard > Divi > Divi Menu Cart


Show Divi Menu Cart options #

1. Next to “Hamburger menu”
This option works with default header settings and custom headers , displays cart icon left of ☰ in the header

2. last item in the menu
This option adds cart to Primary menu as last item by default. Additional choices of menus are available and if chosen will display it only in selected once

3. Only shortcode and custom menus
This option restricts menu cart to usage of [divi_menu_cart] shortcode and custom menu modules of Divi where “Show shopping cart” is “Enabled”

Hide empty count #

Disabled –> will display 0 if cart is empty
Enabled –> will display only cart icon if shopping cart is empty

Important information #

Shortcode –> You can copy & paste in text/code module
Most of the visual settings are located in the –> customizer link to visual settings

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